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Nov 8, 2012 10:00pm PST
right is from facebook and next to him is officer holly lawrence, sunny valley of public safety, digital safety program and she's going to talk about which is a powerful thing going national. and next -- is brian here? no. okay. all right. so we're all set and mia i would like you to enlighten us more in all that you're doing in social emotional learning. >> sure. i had some slides but i'm not sure -- no, we have a handout that went around to you and more detail about what social emotional learning is because i think we rise a little bit today and i came from seattle and i know many people have brought up that term today and i get the sense from this group that you're at kind of a high level of discourse and you have a general understanding. could i see a show of hands for those of you that social emotional learning is a familiar term? and those that feel you have a deep understanding of it? okay. great. thank you. i want to introduce myself a little more so you have the context of what i do. i work for a nonprofit in seattle "committee for children" and we have been around for
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
's a conversation that we need to have. moving on to officer holly lawrence. her work is so inspiring to me. i read a story in texas and expulsions and suspensions are a direct pipeline to the juvenile justice system and the punitive approach doesn't fix anything. i can happily point you to that study and makes cases against that school discipline, but holly has come up with a really wonderful solution within law enforcement that we would love you to talk about and it's preventive and solution. >> thank you. it's not going to be a shock to you that i don't have a sizzle reel but i did manage to get a few powerpoint slides in so it's a good thing if i can get my next one. can you advance it for me please? so it is a safety course that i created with yahoo. we partnered together. i started asking questions the first day so my boots are on the ground and i'm in the schools and i love doing what i do, and i believe wholeheartedly and i believe it was the soft power -- yes, i love it. i think it's effective in so many ways, so i had luckily teamed up with the right people at yahoo who were
Nov 8, 2012 6:30pm PST
have been really spectacular and have spearheaded this with officer holly lawrence. she has the program, it's in place, we call it train the trainer where we train other police officers to take it back to their counties. it's a spectacular program and is available now. >> so we don't have to wait. >> a good thing about the digital age is we're going to take some of the best practices, we're going to make it available. you get school officials to think how does this fit into the queue of things i did and should be doing, tlau our web site, focus of expertise and other places, indicate what are those programs that work that help students understand the issue, help the adults, we have 330,000 teachers, as you say, cheryl, how do we get to the 330,000 teachers, the training for this. but with digital sharing of best practices i think we can get there. as rob was mentioning, there are great programs that emerge from often tragedies but they bring the community together. the movie bullying has a couple of those instances aware of and san mateo's respect everyone 24/7 has people
Nov 9, 2012 11:00am PST
his wife holly. chris lawrence said people at d.o.d. are totally surprised. why, if you are having an afair, granted it is wrong but why does it mean you lose your job? >> when you are the head of the cia, that potentially compromise the director of the cia and it's an obviously very -- if you are hiding something like that, and you are not only have classified information but you are not only top secret but you are at the top of the pins kl in the intelligence community. that's an area potentially of vulnerability and it sends a serious message down the chain of command when you are talking to intelligence officers at the cia or other agencies of the u.s. government. one of the things we are always warning you, don't get involved in extra a marital affairs because you noe don't know who the man or woman might be and they could be agents for hostile power or whatever, someone trying to entrap you. they called it a honey trap in the old days in the espionage novels and all of that. it is a serious issue in the intelligence community. it is a serious i issue any place but especially
Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
petraeus took over the cia, back in september of 2011 and ended about four months ago. chris lawrence on who she is. the woman at the heart of this investigation. >> holly petraeus and broadwell were separated by just five seats at david petraeus' confirmation hearing to become cia director. the affair wouldn't begin for another couple of months, but the attraction was there. a long time friend of petraeus says years in the war zone had left him isolated. petraeus didn't have anyone on his level he could talk to candidly, so when paula broadwell came along, quote, he enjoyed her company. she was an attractive gal and shed things in common, but the friend tells cnn, after the affair destroyed his career, he reflected on the relationship and came the realize broadwell may have been obsessed and perhaps felt she was warding off the competition and sending e-mails to petraeus family friend, jill kelley. broadwell is a west point grad like petraeus. she's appeared often on cnn, including several times on this program discussing security issues. >> sure, it's probably a signal, erin, that w
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
lawrence has that for you. >> reporter: the two women in david petraeus' life separated by less than 12 feet. holly petraeus and paula broadwell both watched his confirmation hearing as petraeus prepared to take command of the cia. the affair wouldn't begin for several months, but the attraction was there. a long time friend says petraeus' years in the war zone left him isolated with no one he could talk to candidly. so when broadwell came along, quote, he enjoyed her company, she was an attractive gal and they had things in common. but broadwell pushed back on criticism that her biography was soft on the general. >> i'm not in love with david petraeus. >> but petraeus met his wife holly on a blind date. a family friend says she is furious over the affair. petraeus cultivated smart, competitive people around him. broadwell was a high school valedictorian and home coming queen. she graduated from westpoint, competed in the iron man triathlon and met petraeus while working on her ph.d. in harvard. >> i'm not a spokesperson for him. >> reporter: broadwell traveled to afghanistan, interview
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)